• Do you find it hard to make it to appointments?
  • Are you juggling a lot within your life and need convenience for once?
  • Does your job prevent you from being able to make appointments regularly?
  • Is your schedule too hectic to allow you to drive to an appointment?
  • Would you like the ease and accessibility of a virtual appointment?

In this day and age, time is everything. We as individuals have a tendency to juggle way too much in our life, often putting things such as self-care on the back burner. The stresses and anxiety you face on a daily basis can feel overwhelming and depressing at times. Your schedule should not be a barrier to the best help available!

At Psych Associates, you are in control. You have the option to schedule online sessions through a secure means with a licensed psychologist/counselor/ or social worker. This way you are able to schedule the session that fits your busy lifestyle, and with comfortability and privacy within your home or wherever you deem fit. Studies have shown that online-therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face.

All video sessions are HIPAA secure, just like if you came to the office. We use SimplePractice as our preferred platform and ensure that we are on a secure network so there is no doubt about your privacy. At Psych Associates, we believe in helping our clients holistically and using every resource possible to make their quality of life better. Our investment in technology is a reflection of wanting to provide you with the best of all options.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists will listen and help you develop effective methods of dealing with the challenges you face. We will work with you using practical tools to help you feel better now, and interventions you will be able to implement for the future.

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If you are ready to take control of your life, schedule appointment online or call Psych Associates at 417-414-0333. We offer quick first appointments and are waiting to help you manage your anxiety and stress.