consultingPersonal Consultation

Have you ever felt that you don’t need therapy or evaluation, but you want to talk to and consult with an expert about your concerns and get another perspective? You are looking for answers and don’t need a diagnosis. Personal Consultation may be right for you.

Considering a major life change?

Need to know where to turn?

Help planning out a complex situation?

Parenting Support

You love your kids and want to be the best parent possible, but sometimes your child is difficult to understand, is acting out, or not listening to you. You don’t want a support group or therapy. However, you are looking for concrete plans and advice to be better so they can be their best.

Co-parenting is difficult. You didn’t divorce because you and your ex communicated well and agreed. We can help you understand the dynamics at hand and find solutions that make co-parenting easier and help your son or daughter get what they need.

Common areas of focus are boundaries, bedtimes, routines, curfews, chores, allowance, screen time, school motivation, sports performance, and anxiety.

We will listen to your concerns and use our expertise to help you find solutions.

Litigation Support

Our psychologists serve as expert witnesses in a variety of settings; from family court involving custody issues to Social Security Disability.

We are also listed as experts with The Expert Institute and routinely provide support for cases all over the United States.

Getting a Second Opinion

You may really like your psychologist or counselor and want to make sure that their diagnosis and treatment plan for you is the most efficient it can be. We can help. We are often asked to look over the work of other providers and provide thoughtful recommendations to aid in treatment planning.