What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Most people report that when they first make a new appointment for therapy, they feel a little better. This isn’t that surprising because in making the appointment you have made a choice to feel better. This simple action is the start to better self-care and healthier choices.

After the honeymoon glow of scheduling an appointment wears off, the reality of what you are about to do can start to creep in and create a sense of anxiety. As with any new relationship, its scary to meet someone new and to open up. It’s no wonder that you may start to get cold feet before that first meeting with your new psychologist. Here is what you need to know to help:

  • If you can do the intake paperwork ahead of time or come 15 minutes early to your appointment; You won’t be as stressed trying to get all of the book keeping things out of the way.
  • What you tell your psychologist is confidential; we aren’t going to tell anyone that you were here or what you said (There are a few exceptions to that, but its limited to concerns about abuse, danger, or a judge’s order).
  • We have heard all kinds of things before and have experienced our own emotions and life situations. We aren’t going to judge you or “lock you up.” Most of us came into this field because we care about people and we like to help.
  • The more open and honest you are with us, the better we can know you and the more we can build a helping relationship.