fitness evaluationARE YOU FIT TO WORK OR SERVE?

  • Does your employer require psychological clearance?
  • Did you do something in your youth that is impairing your joining the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard, Fire Service, or Police Department?
  • Do you need to prove your psychological health for security clearance?
  • Were you involved in an incident and need to demonstrate your ability to return to work?


When you are counted on, it is imperative that your employer and the public can feel confident in trusting you. This is especially true in military and law enforcement careers. It is also important that whoever tests you uses accurate and reliable measures. Using the wrong measure will compare you to normative groups (such as prisoners or inpatient psychiatric patients) and start by putting you in a potentially bad light.

An example for these evals are thing like a case where a young man wanting to join the military but needed clearance for MEPS because he “self-mutilated” in high school when the entire football team branded themselves. While the military considers this self-harm, it was actually a sign of solidarity with his team and a way of tattooing themselves. A foolish act as an adolescent could have ruined this young man’s hopes of a military career. Explaining this and supporting him with the proper psychological tests allowed him to enlist and go on to enjoy his career.


The first step in our Fitness for Duty evaluation is to listen to you so that we can understand the issue in detail. We’ll then use our training and experience to develop a battery of tests to meet your needs and answer the questions at hand. After you complete testing we get hard to work at scoring and interpreting your results and writing a comprehensive report.

We can’t promise the results of your evaluation but we will be accurate and you will have the results and report quickly so you can move forward in your life.