Patrick Patterson, M.S.


Patrick became a counselor because he believes in providing our community, especially veterans, with the best quality care so we can all succeed. He  joined Psych Associates in 2020 as our Community Outreach Coordinator and now also works as a Counselor. Often times people associate being “fresh out of school” as meaning they lack experience. However, research shows that recent graduates are often more up to date on advances in treatment techniques and provide the same quality of care as more seasoned professionals.


Patrick  graduated in 2006 from Willard High School and decided to enter the workforce instead of college. After a few years within the workforce he decided that he wanted better opportunities and to attend college.

He starting his collegiate education at Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) and ignited his love for education and learning. Patrick took every psychology and criminal justice course possible and graduated with an Associate of Arts. He advanced to Missouri State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Patrick was accepted into the University of Arkansas where he received the Benjamin Franklin Lever Fellowship. He was educated and trained to work in a variety of collegiate, community, governmental, and private agency settings and received his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

“One could say that my educational journey has been an interesting one. I love learning though and how I can apply it to helping others.”
– Patrick Patterson, M.S.


After High School Patrick worked for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This is where he credits much of his ability to connect with others. Working with people literally from all over the world you need to be able to harness your verbal and non-verbal skills. He became a Passenger Support Specialist where he gained experience working with the Wounded Warrior Program, individuals with special needs, and individuals with anxiety associated with security and flying. He also trained the workforce in these areas and helped the Springfield National Airport roll-out their Wings for Autism® program.

Patrick worked as a Counselor at the Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC). He provided evidence-based individual and group therapy to college students, faculty, and staff members of the community college. With a strong background in security and his education/training in mental health he was a natural fit to work with the Behavior Response Team for NWACC. His role was to address the safety and needs of the campus and the students. He took on the majority of student-conduct related cases that involved counseling as an element of remedy.

After leaving NWACC, Patrick  accepted a position with Psych Associates as a Community Outreach Coordinator and is now also serving as a counselor with Dr. Cline while he completes the required hours to be an independently Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Meet Patrick

Current Focus & Interests

Patrick’s focus is always to provide the best quality care for his clients and to ensure they succeed. What ever brings you into the office, his goal is to provide you with a safe, supportive environment in which you can take charge of your life.

Within the clinical setting his focus is on individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain. He is currently working on certification in neurofeedback and biofeedback to better provide for clients.

In addition to traditional clinical work, Patrick also provides consulting for businesses to address employee welfare issues and leadership training. By creating a robust employee assistance program, you can increase morale, work productivity, and retention of your employees.

Away from the office, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family, music, sports, and volunteering for causes involving military families and the Children’s Miracle Network.