• Did you learn that your spouse cheated?
  • Are you suspicious or hurting?
  • Do you feel surprised, foolish, and hurt after an affair?
  • Are you feeling ashamed or guilty over hurting your spouse?
  • Were you involved in a relationship that went too far?
  • Do you want to save your marriage?
  • Maybe you aren’t sure if you want to stay married.
  • Are you in love or confused with an affair partner?
  • Is pornography hurting your marriage?


No one ever wakes up one day with the goal of lighting their marriage on fire. Unfortunately, affairs happen. They usually start with small steps of confiding in someone outside the marriage and then escalate slowly. As the extra-marital relationship grows in intensity and intimacy, the marriage suffers and diminishes. This pattern is increasingly common, but no less painful.

If you are reading this you may be experiencing the hurt and pain that comes after an affair. Maybe you are the partner that was cheated on; you have the  horrible feeling like you’ve been laid open and aren’t sure what was real and what was a lie. If you are the partner that had the affair; you may be feeling guilt or shame that can go along with having an affair.

The good news is this: You can recover; Your marriage can be better; This isn’t automatically the end; You can do something NOW. We can help you decide how to move forward and to rebuild your life and maybe your marriage.


Our marriage therapists are highly trained and engage in continued specialized training to help people recover from affairs. In fact, Dr. Cline even wrote his dissertation on methods that can be used to help you recover.

Each client and marriage is unique. We carefully listen to you and your partner to understand your exact situation. With our specialized training and decades of experience, we use a combination of the best scientifically researched tools and techniques to help you quickly.

Contact us if you are worried about your marriage or an affair. You can ask any questions you have or set up an appointment. Don’t let this get worse and don’t expect that it will get better on its own. Our staff makes it easy for you to get started. We love our work and want to help you. We have a safe place waiting for you to stop this affair and heal together.