problems making friends

  • Does your child seem shy or timid?
  • Has the teacher expressed concern about social skills?
  • Does he/she prefer the company of younger children instead of their own peers?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s level of maturity or how they interact with other children?
  • Does your son or daughter have problems making or maintaining friendships?

Social interactions are complex

Interactions in childhood are much more complicated than they were 20 years ago. With cell phones, the internet, club teams, etc… the pressure on children to connect and develop relationships is much greater than their growth and development allows.

How a child develops and maintains friendships is related to their emotional health, development, social environment, and other factors. As a parent it is difficult to watch your child express sadness and hurt at being left out. The longer they experience these problems and the more severe they are, the more damage it can cause your child.

You can’t get this time back. The sooner we can intervene and help a child learn to identify and appropriately express their needs the fewer days they will miss out on.

We listen to children and understand their world

At Psych Associates, our counselors take the time to listen to you and your child. We understand what they are going through and partner with each child to help them learn the skills to manage the complex relationships and situations they navigate on a daily level.

If you are ready to help your child develop to their full social self, call Psych Associates at 417-414-0333 or schedule your appointment online.