Relationships Can Be Hard. But That’s Why They Are Worth It

Address Marriage Problems In A Safe Environment

It can be tough to resolve issues as a couple. That’s why it’s so important to reach out for help when you need it most. Marriage therapy in Springfield is a great way to do the work your marriage needs to survive while also being heard as an individual with needs. Know that you’re not alone. At Psych Associates, we’re here for you. Call to schedule your initial consultation and start sessions.

Stephanie Wacaser, LCSW

Relationships are not easy. I do not pretend to think they are… But they are worth it!

I will work with you in one-on-one and couple sessions to help guide you through the troubled waters. I am here to help you reach your relationship goals and break down the barriers and stumbling blocks that are getting in the way.

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Stephanie Wacaser, LCSW

Why Marriage Counseling Is Important For Couples

It may seem like going and getting marriage therapy is the first step to giving up on the commitment you made years ago. You may even believe that asking for help in your marriage makes you a failure. What’s more, the thought of sharing your marriage problems with a stranger is super frightening. Know that you’re not the only individual or couple who feels this way.

Imagine your dream marriage? You probably reminisce on the days leading up to and the six months to 24 months after your marriage. Everything was perfect. You and your partner communicated and there were no marriage problems you two couldn’t tackle together. Those were the days that excited you about being with your partner. Know that your relationship with your partner can be exciting again. All it takes is a little initiative from you and your partner.

If you’re curious, you can add the “spark” back into your marriage. At Psych Associates we believe that you and your partner can find a way to breathe life back into your relationship. Here are some ways marriage therapy can help you and your partner.

1. Identify & Alleviate Toxic Relationship Patterns

Involving a licensed therapist to identify marriage problems can be a relationship saving process. You or your spouse may not realize the negativity that one or both of you bring to your marriage. Therefore seeking help from a marriage therapist can help you and your spouse identify the toxic patterns and habits in your relationship and address them in a healthy, productive manner.

2. Explore Your Marriage Problems

A new perspective on the same marriage problems can help uncover solutions. A great place to begin exploring sensitive topics is in marriage therapy. A licensed therapist can help you and your spouse discover the root of your marriage problems and begin to address them in a healthy, safe environment.

3. Build Trust & Improve Communication

While couples believe that communication is like a switch, it’s important to understand you’re always communicating with your partner. Whether you verbally address them or you ignore them entirely, these two actions are communicating a certain message. When you work with a marriage therapist, you can rebuild trust with your spouse and begin communicating in a healthy manner.

4. Discuss Marriage Problems On “Neutral” Territory

Marriage problems can feel like you’re fighting a war. While disagreements and heated discussions can occur in marriages, you may find that conflicts with your spouse may not need to result in all-out war. Building trust and re-establishing communication standards in “neutral” territory in the presence of a marriage therapist can give you and your spouse room to breathe while you talk.

5. Decide To Recommit And Rebuild Your Marriage

Couples may find that seeing a marriage and couples counselor can allow them to address their marriage problems, re-establish communication, build trust, and recommit to their marriage. It can be tough to navigate the complexities of marriage, but you’re not alone.

Are you ready to seek marriage and couples therapy? Give Psych Associates in Springfield a call today to schedule an initial consultation.