Anxiety Treatment

Many people struggle with feelings of anxiety. Daily situations can cause an increase in worry, anxious feelings, and stress for both adults and children.

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Depression Therapy

Depression effects men, women, and children. If you find yourself feeling lethargic, sad, unmotivated, or unconnected you are not alone!

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ptsd trauma

PTSD/ Trauma Counseling

Sometimes that means we witness or are exposed to a traumatic event. Sometimes the trauma we experience is second hand through our work or learning about things from friends or loved ones.

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pain management

Pain Management

Do you feel hopeless that the pain will never stop? Does your pain exhaust you from being able to enjoy your life? The battle against pain can feel very complex and even mysterious at times.

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Is your pornography use affecting your ability to manage your time, changing your expectations of relationships, or interfering with your overall health? Pornography struggles are becoming common place…

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