academic problems

  • Does your son or daughter have problems with reading or math?
  • Are their grades slipping?
  • Is your child not meeting expectations at school?
  • Do they avoid homework or complain that they don’t like school?
  • Are you child’s academic problems causing stress for them?

School Problems are caused by a variety of problems

Kids have academic problems for a variety of reasons. They may have a slight learning disability that has led them to feel stupid. They may have perfectionistic tendencies that cause anxiety and makes them “freeze” rather than do their work. Anxiety from social situations may take their attention from school work which can lead to academic struggles. Underlying depression can steal their desire to try or their ability to concentrate and learn.

We are experts in getting kids back on track

From evaluation, therapy, to dyslexia tutoring our therapists and educational specialists quickly diagnose the REAL cause of your child’s learning problems. We then get to the business of building them up to be the best student they can. Our goal is to teach them that they can learn, to build a belief in themselves and find a joy in learning again.

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