What I Love About Being YOUR Psychologist

Therapy is something that we create together. I know that coming to therapy was a hard decision. I respect your bravery for trying it. I know that you could have chosen lots of different providers. I am honored that you trust me. I know that therapy is time consuming. I make my schedule available to…
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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Most people report that when they first make a new appointment for therapy, they feel a little better. This isn’t that surprising because in making the appointment you have made a choice to feel better. This simple action is the start to better self-care and healthier choices. After the honeymoon glow of scheduling an appointment…
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What is a psychological evaluation

A psychological evaluation or assessment is a general term referring to using interview and testing to evaluate an individual, family, or organization. Only a licensed psychologist has the proper training and experience to conduct one of these evaluations. There are lots of different types of evaluations and its important to have clear questions about what…
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Psychological First Aid

The way you treat yourself and those around you matters. You would never tell your self to “walk-off” a broken leg or that pain from a cavity is all in your mind and to ignore it, but we do that everyday to ourselves. Your psychological health is important and at NASM, we strive to provide…
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